Yolanda López

By Alana Coates
January 2015

López appropriated the icon of the Virgin of the Guadalupe into a number of different artworks. The juxtaposition of quotidian women with the venerated religious icon is a recurrent theme in artist’s oeuvre. The motif was initiated from her dissatisfaction that she could find more images of the passive Virgin than images of active women in the Chicano Movement.6 Along with another California Artist, Ester Hernández, López pioneered the reappropriation of The Virgin of the Guadalupe to employ as a feminist icon of Chicana empowerment.7 López’s figures use recognizable iconography borrowed from the Virgin of the Guadalupe and combines them with ordinary women as homage to the everyday Chicana and Mexicana.

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Front Image Courtesy of the Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA