Organizing a Pan-Institutional Exhibition in NYC

In my role as Director of Exhibitions at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, I proposed a pan-institutional exhibit featuring PCA&D’s artist community for Governors Island in New York City. The proposal for an environmentally themed exhibition was selected for the 2020 season.


A call-for-art went out to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni looking for artworks that would best fit the topic. I visited every class on campus to explain more about the project and clarify its submission process. In addition, I organized an alumni Q&A session that was greatly attended.

To provide inspiration for research topics, I reached out to the community to craft a learning opportunity for environmental studies through partnerships with experts throughout Pennsylvania. With collaboration from scientists, scholars, artists, and governmental officials, I designed a two-day symposium for climate and environmental issues.


The posters for the environmental Speaker Series were designed by a PCA&D student Zorina Eckman.

In collaboration with the Chair of the Graphic Design Department, a competition was held to design the exhibition branding for the project. A junior was awarded the opportunity.

I also worked closely with the Director of Continuing Education, who planned a class for children to make environmentally conscious artworks as part of the College’s young artist program. We were excited to say the exhibit would present an intergenerational perspective on climate issues.

Between budgeting, fundraising, and searching for the Gallery Attendant to work on the Island, my days and nights were filled with organizing a pan-institutional exhibit in New York City.

Due to COVID-19, the exhibition has been postponed to 2021.




The exhibition branding was designed by Graphic Design student Amanda Herr.