Images of Power

February 10 – 24, 2018
co-curated by Alana Coates and Mark-Anthony Martinez

Thirty Artists from Brooklyn to Los Angeles explore Images of Power and the past, present, and unknown future for those fighting and living in a world built on ideals of white supremacy.

The Artists presented integrate current events, historical quandaries and the rising tide of fascism at our doorstep. Highlighting recent events, such as the upsurge of Neo-Nazism and the horrors of the police state, the exhibit also highlights the powers of good–such as the collective action against the outpour of xenophobia.  Images of Power is a snapshot of history and the contemporary situation that leaves no room for ambiguity and pulls no punches.

Featured Artists include: Abel Ortiz Acosta, Albert Alvarez, Veronica (Nica) Aquino, Amanda Benavides, Sarah Castillo, Jose Cosme, Joe De La Cruz, Manuel Diz, André Filipek, Mario Garza, Xavier Gilmore, Marcelia Gonzales, Raul Gonzalez, Suzy Gonzalez, Rafael Fernando Gutierrez, Jr., Alejandro Macias, Jesús María, Mark Anthony Martinez, Maximiliano, Patrick McGrath Muñiz, Ashley Mireles, Juan de Dios Mora, Kristel A. Orta-Puente, Andrei Rentería, Alán Serna, Justin Sterling, Jon Tyson, Juan Vallejo, Christopher Velasco, and Jose Villalobos.


Images of Power catalogue



Photo Credit: Luis M Garza
Justin Sterling: Crisis Confession



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