Sex, Transubstantiation and Punk Angst: A Review of bite like a kitty

By Alana Coates
ART Magazine, 2013

The 2013 CAM Perennial, bite like a kitty, is curated by Bill Arning, the former Director of MIT’s List Visual Arts Center and the current Executive Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Arning was invited to survey the artist studios of San Antonio as a guest curator with extensive expertise, a discerning eye, and an outside perspective. Arning selected an all female roster to represent his vision of a unique artistic current in San Antonio; featuring the work of Joey Fauerso, Julia Barbosa Landois, Sarah Sudhoff, and Saintlorriane (an artistic collaboration between Britt Lorraine and Kristy Perez), the exhibition opened on Friday, March 15th at The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and will run through Saturday, June 1st.

Arning shared his experience as the CAM Perennial Curator with Art Magazine in the interview that can be found exclusively in the March print edition. Arning found dark humor to be the overarching theme in the artist’s studios of San Antonio: “There was a certain type of devil-may-care humor looking at the dark side of life, politics, and society…that made me think of where my aesthetic was formed, which was in the punk rock period of the late 1970s in New York.” The exhibition’s title bite like a kitty is inspired by his memories of a punk band from this era.

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Front image courtesy of Xelina Flores-Chasnoff