The Art Expert’s Guide for Touring Texas

With some of the fastest growing cities in the nation for population and economic development, Texas fosters an art scene with tremendous expansion and artistic diversity. In just a decade, studio and artist-run spaces have increased greatly in number, and in an effort to align themselves with the evolution of the cities, several larger more established institutions are working towards reinventing themselves by expanding their outreach, increasing membership numbers, and widening their community engagement.

Unfortunately, residents can sometimes take for granted the art organizations of their hometown. This is usually not the result of a lack of interest, but rather of time. Daily routines and busy schedules can often prevent individuals from discovering and experiencing all that his or her local art scene has to offer. Furthermore, close proximity to art venues sometimes contributes to missing a time sensitive exhibit due to procrastination and the illusion of time. There is an advantage to living like a tourist, who realizes he or she might have just one chance to see a certain art installation. With the abundance of local art and frequent rotations of traveling exhibitions, it is essential that we learn to prioritize our art going experience with the spirit of a traveler.

Art Magazine interviewed four art experts, two curators and two museum directors, from neighboring Texas cities and invited them to share their favorite art venues ranging from the large established institutions to the smaller emerging galleries in San Antonio and beyond.  Hopefully, the enthusiasm found within their responses, along with the freshness of their insights, will serve as a reminder to never stop exploring the art in our own backyard.

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