Mira Hnatyshyn

Mira Hnatyshyn Studio Visit August 3, 2017 When visiting the studio of Mira Hnatyshyn, the first artwork encountered is a large mixed-media on raw canvas.  Hanging in the fashion of a tapestry, the work tackles the Texas-based artist’s Ukrainian heritage. Hnatyshyn says its title, The Braidbasket, is a word-play from the Ukraine nickname as the “bread basket of Europe.” Previously shown at Bluestar Contemporary Museum in 2014, this work is based off of a photograph the artist took while traveling to the country just before the Maidan Revolution that same year.  The artist said that she photographs tirelessly on her…

Raul Gonzalez

With the launch of my new website, I wish to start documenting my studio visits and making them available online for anyone who might be curious. In doing this, I aim to provide greater transparency in my artist selection process, wish to create more documentation for the artists that I visit, and hope to share the amazing things that I get to see with the world.