Foyer Gallery 2018-2019 Season

Foyer Gallery at the Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, PA

The Foyer Gallery features video art at Albright College. In curating the 2018/2019 season, I selected four Texas-based artists and wrote publications to contextualize each exhibit.

Raul Gonzalez: Taco, Texas | October – December 2018

Raul Gonzalez performs a “daddy” rendition of Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger a.k.a. Burger, New York, updating the American tradition of eating a hamburger, as the artist eats a taco with his daughter on his lap.  Read more here.

Sarah Fox: The Great Cry & Then I Met You| January – April 2019

Sarah Fox uses stop-motion animation, a meticulous technique that dates back to the 1800s to illustrate a story of fertility and loss. Read more here.

Megan Solis: I’m Hot and Ready | April – June 2019

Screening excerpts from The Melissa Saga, a larger series that Megan Solis created for Performance Art Houston, which addresses the isolation that comes with internet culture. Read more here.

Michael Martinez: Nobody Truly Lives on Earth | July – September 2019

Nobody Truly Lives on Earth is a collection of animated works by multidisciplinary artist Michael Martinez. Weaving a narrative that celebrates LGBT individuals, each vignette appropriates a myriad of imagery including the aesthetics of 1980s action cinema, video games, and Mesoamerican art. Read more here.

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